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LP870 Nanosecond Light Source

LP870 Nanosecond Light Source

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Testing optical receivers is harder than it looks. Getting accurate results is a lot easier if you're using a very fast, highly repeatable test source, because then the oscilloscope trace you're looking at is your receiver's performance, full stop.

Our LP870 Nanosecond Light Source is a convenient and accurate low-coherence source for testing and characterization of silicon photodetection systems.  Its fast  edges (sub-4 ns rise and fall time typical) and clean pulses enable quick and reliable measurements up to 50 MHz bandwidth, with no guesswork. It provides a clean optical step input to measure the rise/fall times and overshoot of your system, which tells you its bandwidth as well. 

It's suitable both for lab use and for integration into test and calibration jigs working at up to 50 MHz.  Using an incoherent source ensures eye safety and makes it a breeze to get uniform illumination of the test device.  Just plug in the power cord and connect your pulse generator.

The LP870 has high internal voltage gain, which steepens up the input waveform to make sharp-edged optical pulses even when driven from ordinary 3.3 V to 5 V logic sources.

Application note AN-1: Photoreceiver Testing System introduces HEO & EOIs photoreceiver test and characterization system which relies on the LP870 for step response testing.

Wavelength 870 nm, 70 nm FWHM
Rising/Falling Edge

< 6 / 6 ns, 10%-90%,

< 3 / 3 ns, 20%-80%

Pulse-Top Artifacts < 1%
Optical Power 14 mW typ
Divergence Angle < 10°
Pulse Input Active high, 0–5 V
Pulse Width 4 ns — ∞
Dimensions 118 x 32 x 32 mm
Power 5 V @ 60 mA max
Repetition Rate
> 60 MHz
Suggested Uses Characterization & test of silicon photoreceivers & detectors with bandwidths up to 50 MHz; short range free space communication to 50 Mbd / 100 Mb/s


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