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LA-22 Lab Amplifier

LA-22 Lab Amplifier

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The LA-22 Low Noise Lab Amplifier is intended to make it easy to do low-level measurements
using ordinary lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and data acquisition
bricks, which usually have noise levels in the tens of nanovolts per root hertz.

The LA-22 has 1-nV/ √Hz voltage noise, wide bandwidth, FET input, 100× gain, and
good manners: in the time domain, 20-ns edges with low overshoot, and in the frequency
domain, 500 Hz–20 MHz bandwidth with a smooth rolloff and no high-frequency peaking.

Input AC Coupled, 1KΩ BNC
Output DC Coupled, 50Ω BNC
Gain 100X
Power +-15V DC @ > 150 mA max
Power Connector Pico-M8
-3dB Bandwidth 500 Hz – 20 MHz
Input Referred Noise (500 Hz+) 5nV/√Hz
Input Referred Noise (short circuit) 1.1nV/√Hz
Integrated Input Referred Noise: DC-1MHz 290nV
Integrated Input Referred Noise: DC-10MHz 600nV
Rise/Fall Time 21ns/21ns 10%-90%
Output Range +-10V
Gain Accuracy 1%
Overshoot 1% typical


  • Characterization of low noise systems
  • Decrease loading on high impedance systems
  • Optimizing input to digitizer
  • General laboratory use
  • Low impedance control voltage
  • Proof of concept & test systems


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